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smoothie on the go

How To Save Time & Stay On Track With Smoothies -Perfect For Busy Bee’s

smoothie on the go


How To Save Time & Stay On Track With Smoothies

Prepping my smoothies ahead of time has become a new staple in my routine. It’s a huge time saver, and keeps me on track with my whole food diet. As a business woman, this is crucial for me because my state of health reflects in my work and personal life everyday.

This simple tip will forever change your life, I promise.

Step 1) Wash all your produce. Apple cider vinegar, food grade peroxide or any type of food grade soap will do a fabulous job with removing contaminants, let sit for about 20 min and rinse.

Step 2) Make your blends for the week. I typically do 5-7 days worth.

Step 3) Seal it to save it. I store my smoothies in freezer safe ball containers. You can purchase these at your local walmart or Canadian tire. Tupperware works great too, just measure out one daily dose for each container to avoid having to unthaw the same container more than one.

Step 4) Transfer a container into the fridge the day before (24hrs is best), this way the entire smoothie is completely melted and ready to enjoy. Depending on the blend it might need a quick whirl in the blender with a few pieces of fruit to revitalize.

The best part about having smoothies pre-made is that they’re ready to grab and enjoy on the go.

P.s make sure to check your teeth when your done, smoothies are super healthy, but they tend to leave their mark.


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