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30th birthday

30 Things I Know To Be True On My 30th Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday and I can’t help but feel that I have finally stepped into my body, life feels like it’s just begun. I’ve experienced more fear, life-changing events, and shed more tears in the past few years and at the same time created deeper, more meaningful connections, achieved career miles stones, accomplished more goals and laughed harder than ever. Here’s what I’ve learned so far and what I know to be true.

30) You ALWAYS know the answer to your questions. Especially when it comes to those big, huge, heavy decisions. We’ve all got an inner compass that guides us. We just need to be still long enough to hear it.

29) The best and quickest way to look 10 years younger is to drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of water (with mineral salts) and 2 cups of fresh pressed veggie juice for at least 30 days. Don’t be shocked if you lose 10-15lbs and your hair grows an inch or two.

28) Jealousy is a powerful emotion that when used correctly, will uncover your deepest fears and help you to grow exponentially. Example: If this relates to a relationship it comes down to believing that you are not enough. Jealousy pops up when other men/women are around your partner because deep in your mind you believe that the other person is of more value than you. When this relates to a goal or lifestyle that you want and seeing someone else have it, it’s simply because you don’t believe you’re capable of having it yourself one day. All of which is not true 😉 By understanding this, you know exactly which beliefs are you holding you back financially, emotionally and spiritually.

27) You can rewire your brain to believe whatever you want. Including that all the things your heart desires are possible.

26) What you want wants you. You just have to meet it halfway. No more, no less. When we try too hard it only pushes things further away.

25) When something is meant to be (especially relationships) it will always be. Never stay with someone or in a situation because you’re worried you might never get it back. By walking away from what no longer serves you, it makes room for what your heart truly desires to unfold into your life.

24) Do things in life that scare you. In fact, start with the scariest ones. Those ones will have you grow the most.

23) When you lack money or happiness it’s because you’re not giving enough from your heart. Time and being present are the most precious and valuable gifts. Don’t be afraid to share it. The more you give from the heart, the more life gives back to you. What you put out ALWAYS come back.

22) You can’t be closed off in one area of life and expect to be open to other areas. In order to be open and to receive, we must be open in all areas of life.

21) Arnica works like a charm!! Arnica is one of the top 10 remedies sold across the country to reduce inflammation and pain. I’ve heard lots of great testimonials, I’ve even used it on my cat. These past two weeks a had a little slip and fall and since then arnica has saved my butt. Literally! As I was walking down the side stairs to my house during our first snowfall, I completely bailed and slid down the stairway right onto my tailbone. I started taking arnica moments after it happened and could feel the pain diminishing minute by minute. This stuff is a real life-saver.

20) When you’re arguing with someone or in the middle of a big conflict give it three days. In the moment it’s so easy to want to blow up and make a rash decision. By giving it three days you allow yourself to re-assess the situation and get clear about how you truly feel. This way when you make a decision after three days you’ll be certain about what you really want. Your decision will come from the heart and not the ego.

19) The key to real happiness is falling in love with yourself. Appreciating all your unique characteristics and seeing how great you truly are. It all starts with you. We can only love others as much as we adore and love our self. When we judge others it’s because we’re judging our self. The same goes for when others are judging you. It truthfully has nothing to do with you, but rather them reflecting themselves on you.

18) Every person and event is mirroring a lesson that you’re seeking to learn. Nothing is ever happening to you but rather for you. It’s up to you to learn the lesson, otherwise, it’s going to keep popping up. This is why we seem to attract the same situations, people, and events into our lives. Once we learn the lesson we grow and are ready to learn the next great lesson.

17) If you don’t appreciate what you have now you’ll never appreciate what you have in the future. THIS IS KEY TO MANIFESTING WHAT YOU WANT INTO YOUR LIFE.

16) Living in the present moment plays a big role in being happy because if you’re not present you’re either stuck in the past or lost in the future.

15) When you resist the flow of life, you end up losing it all. When you allow the change to happen and for life to flow through you, you’ll end up with more than you ever imagined.

14) When you focus on what feels good everything around you starts to get even better, and before you know it opportunities start knocking and what you desire lands right onto your lap. Literally.

13) There are no coincidences. Everything happens when it’s supposed to. You never miss your opportunities. If it doesn’t happen it’s because it wasn’t for you to begin with and it’s moving you towards something even greater.

12) You can eat all the broccoli and kale you want, but if there’s something in life like a job or relationships that are weighing you down, you’ll always feel depleted.

11) A gratitude journal will change your mindset and train your brain to see the greatness in everything. When you truly start to feel grateful, and I mean really feel it in your bones to the point that you’re vibrating from excitement, this is when you start your greatest manifestations.

10) Create a tribe of like-minded who lift you up and inspire you to grow. You’ll accomplish more than you ever thought was possible and fuel your soul in a way that food never could. Your soul is here to connect.

9)  Practising yoga will save you thousands of dollars on chiropractic, give you way better sleep and zen you right out.

8) Meditate will bring forth your most brilliant ideas.

7) By listening to other people’s stories and putting yourself in their shoes you’ll create deeper connections than you ever imagined.

6) There’s almost no amount of stress that a hot bath won’t take away. And grey Celtic sea salt will make your skin softer than all other bath salts 😉 It has something to do the natural clay particles in the salt.

5)  The less junk and processed foods you eat the better, sharper and more focused you’ll feel. Focus on eating organic whole foods instead and you’ll feel happier, healthier, more energized, vibrant and yes, sexier too. Your complexion will glow and your waistline will love you too.

4) Pushing through your fears will make you feel more empowered than ever and have you realize that there’s nothing you can’t do. Because everything you want is on the other side.

3) Getting lost is one of the best ways to remind yourself that you’ll always find your way.

2) Don’t be afraid to love deeply, to be vulnerable and allow yourself to feel even when it hurts. This will set you free. It also builds character and will make you stronger than ever

1)The words that matter most are the words you tell yourself. So make to use kind, loving, encouraging ones.

Cheers lovie!

Chelsey, xoxo

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