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Hi there, I’m Chelsey Marie,

I help women create their ripple effect in the world by teaching them how to incorporate nourishing foods and habits that amplify their beauty and brilliance.

Good nutrition, happy relationships, a career you love, and continuously pushing through fear is my personal recipe for one heck of an adventurous, fun, loving life.


It’s about waking up in the morning excited for the day. Laughing so hard it hurts, connecting so deeply you feel it in your bones, and seeing the beauty in every moment. When you are this darn happy the absolute best version of you stands out, in business and day-to-day life. 


Helping you organize and orchestrate the life you crave puts THE BIGGEST smile on my heart. Xoxo


A little more about me

I learned the power of nutrition and value of money at the age of 12. My father was diagnosed with leukemia, mom had just graduated from nutrition school, and my journey as an entrepreneur began.

I was babysitting every kid on the block and making enough money to buy all the candy and chocolate every kid wished for. However, the money I did make was shared with my mom to help pay for school supplies, groceries, and gas. This was my first empowering moment in life.

Being able to help out financially had me realize the true value of money. I also got to see my mom apply her knowledge about food and nutrition to my dad and experience it first-hand. This opened my eyes to how powerful food truly is.

I was the only 12-year-old in school drinking hot water with lemon in the morning and incorporating Himalayan salt in her diet for added minerals. (THANKS, MOM!)


  • 2005 -After graduating high school with honors in tech (don’t ask me how that happened) I took 1 year of business in college, then decided I didn’t want to wait another year to start making money.
  • 2006 -At 18 I managed to start my first serving gig even though I wasn’t of age.
  • 2007- At 19 I moved across the country leaving family, friends & my boyfriend of 3 years behind to see what the world had waiting for me. At this moment of my life, I knew that my sole mission in this world is to help women move past barriers and create the life they crave. My goal: To open a woman’s center. A place where women could go and get the support and inspiration for optimal health, wellness, and spiritual growth. My mission had begun! First things first, I needed money.
  • 2007 -Got a job at the busiest nightclub in town. Money was fabulous, but I wanted more. Before I knew it, I was a general manager and making the big bucks.
  • 2008 -Got Air Canada to give me a job (the sole purpose of this mission was to get cheap flights so I could start my travels around the world). That didn’t last long, though. I refused to wear the full uniform and really wasn’t the best 9-5 employee.
  • 2009 -I created a very profitable cleaning company to generate even more money.
  • 2010 -Started working in Dr.’s offices to get my health and wellness fix.
  • 2011-Before I knew it I didn’t give a damn about the money and my health had gone down the pooper. I had severe adrenal fatigue and zero ambition for life.
  • 2012 – I bought a book about nutrition and remembered my mission; I instantly quit my job at the nightclub. Had no plan whatsoever. All I knew was that I needed nutrition and time to heal my body… Along came smoothies and Juicing.
  • 2013 -My whole world had changed. Juicing, smoothies, yoga and gardening healed my soul and I was determined to share it with the world. This journey led me to a nutrition school that changed my world in ways I never knew possible. The Institute For Integrated Nutrition was one of the best decisions of my life.
  • 2014 –I left my partner of 7 years and recreated a foundation that supported the goals and dreams I have for myself. I decided that if it didn’t nourish me, teach me or support me, there was no room for it in my life.


Everything is interconnected and happens for a reason. When you align yourself to the things that light up your world mountains will literally move and flying unicorns will appear out of nowhere. What I mean by this, is that you’ll find yourself at the right place, at the perfect time, and you’ll walk into opportunities you never saw coming. All you have to do is follow your bliss and let life flow through you. Xoxo


“When you’ve reached a point where you are so darn grateful for everyone, and everything, the beauty within you shines so bright, people and opportunities gravitate towards you.”



Now that you know lots about me, it’s my turn to hear all about you. What’s your story, what are your goals, and what lights up your world?

Let’s connect!

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